3 Easy Outdoor Projects for Your Backyard

When you look out your window, do you see lush trees and bushes that needs trimming? Or are you getting tired of looking at the same scenery each day? Do you wish to see more greens and colors? If you answered yes to all these questions, why not give your backyard that oomph and life that it needs? 

 Read on below as we give you 3 easy outdoor projects that you can do this spring for your backyard. You'll thank us later when you see how much difference a beautiful backyard will create in your home, sweet, home.

1) Build an Elevated Garden Bed.

Having an elevated garden bed in your patio or backyard will bring a rustic charm to it and will definitely bring life to your backyard once you start planting fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. This is also perfect for those people who have limited space but would want to start growing their own garden. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want a large garden but would still want to plant a few herbs, this is a great DIY project for you. All you need are some boards of cedar wood, a few screws, and a bit of determination to make one of this elevated garden beds.

2) Make a Modern Bird Feeder Using an Old Light Globe.

If you’re backyard is a favorite nesting place of birds, why not invite them more by making modern bird feeders using old light globes. All you need is a rope that will support the globes and someone who can tie these ropes and reach your trees! The secret to these seemingly gravity-defying birdfeeders is securing the rope to the globes with a silicone adhesive. Don’t you love how the clean, white spheres seem to pop against the green lush trees?

3) Paint an Outdoor Rug. 

What better way to add color and life to your outdoor seating area than having this vibrantly-painted outdoor rug! If you have left-over, latex paint from painting your walls, you can start making this DIY rug anytime. Just buy those low-priced indoor/outdoor rugs from your favorite home depot and paint away. Show your creative side by painting any design you like that will be perfect for your backyard.

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