3 Easy Ways to Green Up Your Grass

The grass is greener on the other side -- your side, that is! Lush green grass gives your home instant curb appeal, no matter the season. Invest time and effort into maintaining your lawn.

Follow these three easy methods for keeping your grass green throughout the year. With regular maintenance, your lawn will undoubtedly be the envy of the neighborhood.

Mow Smarter, Not Shorter

While it may seem more natural to cut your grass as low as you can, this is very counterproductive and would hurt your lawn in the long run.

Mowing too short puts unnecessary stress on the grass and inhibits deep root growth, lowering its resistance to weeds, pests, and drought conditions. On the other hand, taller grass holds more moisture and provides more shade to the soil, which helps keep its roots wet.

Keep your mower blade setting at least three inches high. Make sure that your blade is sharp and not producing jagged tears in the grass, as these sap moisture from the plants. Regularly mow to help your lawn grow thicker.

Water Your Lawn on a Schedule

Don’t wait until your lawn is dry and parched before dragging out your hose. Grass needs consistent watering to promote healthy growth.

Be consistent about watering on schedule or invest in an automatic programmable sprinkler system to do the job for you. Arrange the sprinkler system in a way that targets poorly drained or drier areas for better hydration.

Save water and add a rain sensor that will override the sprinklers to let Mother Nature take over instead.

Aerate in Autumn

While you may not need to water the grass as much in the fall as in the summer, it doesn’t mean you can just leave it alone. Your lawn will still benefit from some TLC during the other seasons.

Plan your lawn restoration in the proper seasons. Autumn is the perfect season to aerate your soil, which means cutting up hundreds of holes in the soil to loosen it. This allows the water, fertilizer, and oxygen to be better absorbed through the roots.

If you’ve got a large yard and no time to do this by hand, you can rent a gas-powered lawn aerator that does the job much quicker.

Top the aerated soil with compost mixed with grass seed that’s been bred for your climate. Do this for several seasons, slowly improving your soil and grass to make it greener and more resistant to drought all year long.

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