3 Pro Tips for Choosing Artwork

If you just moved in to your new home and your walls are looking like a blank canvas, a few pieces of artwork will add life and color to your new crib. You may have asked your interior designer about a few questions on how to choose the right artwork to hang on your walls. But, allow us to give you a few more tips and pointers on how to decorate each part of your home accordingly.

  • For the Kitchen

Let’s start with the part of your home that you’ll most likely forget to add artwork on--- the kitchen. The kitchen is the “heart of the home”. You’ll probably spend more hours in the kitchen than in your living room if you’re the chef of the family. Then, it’s a done deal that artwork should definitely be incorporated here. You can hang your frames in counter tops or spaces above the cabinets. It is best to choose artwork that are smaller and complements the space rather than big, overwhelming art that only makes the kitchen look smaller.

  • For the Bedroom

Aside from the kitchen, the bedroom will probably be the most used room in your homes. It’s where you seek retreat and relaxation after a day’s work. Therefore, artwork in your bedroom must be soothing and comforting. The best wall to hang your art would be directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. Large scale pieces are great and should be hung at eye level. Find abstract pieces that have calming colors or tones. If you love photography, landscapes or desaturated photos will look great in your bedroom. Keep the frames simple and minimalistic. We would rather focus on the art itself rather than the vessel.

  • For the Bathroom

The bathroom is another place in the house where you would seldom find artwork. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bathroom is where you’ll find your throne. The artwork that you’ll choose should suit the vibe of the bathroom. If it’s a powder room, stick to more fun and colorful pieces. If it’s a bathroom in the master’s bedroom, go for more calming and relaxing pieces. Bathroom art is much better if placed by pairs. It’s good to choose a set of two. You can hang it side by side or stacked. The best places to hang these frames would be over the toilet, over the bath tub, or over towel hooks.

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