4 Outdoor DIY Projects You Can Do in Under an Hour

It feels great to see something useful that you, yourself created right? And if you’re looking for something to do on your weekends off, why not try upgrading your backyard or your porch with these 4 DIY projects that you can start on this week. These projects are perfect time-savers because it will take you less than hour to finish them.

Create an Outdoor, Weather-Shielding Canopy

With a drop cloth and four poles, you can shade your outdoor space and protect guests from unpredictable weather like rain or snow. Not only is it quick and simple to put up, a DIY canopy costs a lot less than a custom shade or buying an umbrella.

Get Rid of the Pests

Nothing kills an outdoor party like insect bites. Make your own citronella candles or turn an empty wine bottle into an attractive mosquito repelling torch. These are so cool, they can even serve as centerpieces for that romantic date you’re planning with someone special in your backyard.

Create a DIY Smoker

For a different kind of cooking and the distinctive flavor of smoked meats, turn flower pots into a smoker or hack your grill into a cold smoker. You can even those turn terra cotta pots into a drink cooler.

Build Some Epic Outdoor Games

What’s a better way to liven up the outdoors with some classic fun games, like this DIY giant Jenga, huge Slip 'n Slide, super-sized DIY bubble wand, or a lawn game made from pipes. Take the fun, outdoors!

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