4 Tips To Get Thicker Hair Naturally

Both men and women suffer from thinning hair. The cause may vary from one person to another. It may be because of aging, stress, poor diet, and even excessive use of hot styling tools. In some cases, it may be because of hereditary reasons.

To resolve thinning hair problems, many have consulted with a professional hair transplant provider but you don't really necessarily have to. Changes in your lifestyle, food intake, and hygiene could positively impact hair growth. Here are four tips you should consider trying.

Don't wash your hair daily

Are you washing your hair daily? The harsh chemicals found in shampoos strips the natural oils of your hair strands, making them prone to breakage.

Pro Tip: Try egg protein hair treatment. Simply take an egg, beat it, and apply on your wet hair. Let it stay for 30 minutes before washing.

Don't brush your hair when its wet

Your hair is more susceptible to breakage when its wet because it's all tangled up. If you're going to comb your wet hair, make sure to opt for combs with wide-tooth. Also, gently comb your hair.

Pro tip: Only use a brush when your hair is dry.

Reduce your styling tool usage

Using styling tools 7 times a week can put a toll on your locks. Remember, the pulling movement and heat can damage your hair.

Pro tip: Use olive oil. It can soften and even strengthen hair strands. All you have to do is put it on your hair and scalp, and rinse after 30 minutes.

Change your diet

Your strands can fall out or thin out when you don't get enough vitamins and minerals.

Pro tip: Lean towards foods that are rich in protein. Opt for green vegetables, nuts, eggs, and even Greek yogurt.

If you have thinning hair, it doesn't mean that you have to book an appointment for a hair transplant. There are safe and effective ways to have thicker hair. Sure, the results are not outright or immediate, but you can save tons of money.

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