5 Easy DIY Garden Projects on a Budget


Have you been dreaming of spending your summer evenings sitting on a new patio furniture, under twinkling lights and surrounded by beautifully plotted plants? Make that dream a reality this season by completing these 5 easy DIY garden projects that won't break your bank. 

1. Garden Walkway

Walkways and paths are always featured in large and elaborate gardens. Make one using stone, gravel or brick to lead people from your backdoor to your garden or patio. This project will add a sophisticated look to your backyard and will make you want to enjoy your backyard more often.

Building a path requires your choice of stones, weed blocker, sand, a shovel and a lot of elbow grease. You can also add a paver patio with similar steps. This backyard idea can be completed fast with just about any budget and adds a beautiful, useful detail to your garden.

2. DIY Garden Furniture

Adding furniture to your backyard will make you stay outside longer. We know patio furniture can be expensive and doesn’t always hold up to the weather but building the right DIY garden furniture can add to your backyard without breaking your budget.

There are many different DIY garden furniture plans, allowing you to choose the perfect one that meets your needs and budget. You can make a bench made from wooden planks and cinder blocks, build a DIY picnic table or craft a porch swing.

3. Decorate With Unusual Garden Planters

Another easy garden project is adding decorative planters throughout your yard. This DIY garden project is a great choice no matter the size of your outdoor space. If you’re decorating a small backyard patio or a porch, transform unique objects into planters to fit where you need them. If you’re trying to improve your backyard privacy in a large yard, use wooden pallets as standing planters that double as a screen.

 To get started, scour your garage and check out local yard sales for items that you can turn into garden decorations.

DIY garden planters can be made from anything, including:

  • Old wooden crates
  • Old tires
  • A pair of boots
  • Old drawers

Simply add dirt, plants of your choice and you have new yard decor.

To save space, create a vertical planter, using a bookcase or ladder to add height and interest to your arrangement of plants.

4. Raised Garden Bed

Add functionality to your backyard by building a raised garden bed. A raised bed in your backyard will provide a simple way for you to grow your own veggies and encourage you to spend time outside tending your plants. Raised garden beds are great because they help reduce weeds, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pesky insects.

You can build this easy garden project to fit any yard or budget. And while you could purchase a premade garden bed, you’ll save more by building one yourself.

You can use:

  • An old window or door frame
  • Recycled drawers
  • Concrete blocks
  • A wooden pallet
  • Two-by-fours

Once you’ve built your raised garden bed, add rocks for drainage as well as top soil and your favorite herbs or veggies and enjoy them all summer long with minimal weeding.

5. Garden Lighting

Simple garden lighting will add a friendly glow to your backyard and is a must-have for summer evening parties. This easy DIY garden project works great with any of the ideas above. Improve your new stone walkway or DIY garden furniture by accenting it with patio lights.

There are many options for garden lighting, including:

  • Installing solar-powered path lights.
  • Hanging string lights around a patio.
  • Filling glass globes with battery powered lights.
  • Creating DIY candle holders to spread throughout your backyard.

This is one super easy backyard idea that fits any budget.

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