5 Eyebrow Tips for A Natural Look

Not everyone is blessed with thick eyebrows. Many of us rely on cosmetic products like eyebrow pencils to achieve a fuller set of brows. Unfortunately, the final look is not always what you'd thought, imagined, and hoped for. Results can vary from uneven to thick and dark brows. If you want to achieve the eyebrows-on-fleek look, you should consider these 5 eyebrow tips for a natural look.

Don't overpluck your eyebrows

Yes, it can be addictive to pluck your eyebrows, but overdoing it can result to thinner brows. To make it fuller, you need to apply more eyebrow makeup - and you don't want to that.

Get rid-off that uni-brow

Another great tip is removing your uni-brow. Grab your eye pencil, put it on your nose's outer edges, and then hold it vertically to your eyebrows.

Fill out evenly

Don't just focus on the front. The best way to do so is to lightly fill the front, and then apply a darker shade on sparser tails.

Choose the best brow filler

There are many brow fillers in the market today. Powders are best for light brow filling, defined yet subtle for eyebrow pencils, brow gel for a fuller appearance, and brow creams if the direction of your brows is messy.

Choose the right brown color

The rule of thumb is to choose a color that matches your skin color. If that's not possible, you can choose a slightly lighter shade.

Getting a natural looking set of brows is not impossible. Follow the mentioned tips above, and you can finally achieve your dream brows. 

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