6 Ways To Keep Food Fresh Longer

How many times have you thrown out tomatoes in the fridge because you weren’t able to cook them before they spoil? Or threw out certain vegetables because you didn’t need them for your recipes? It’s never a good idea to waste food, but sometimes you can’t help but throw out some because they’re no longer fit to eat. Now to keep this again from happening, we are giving you ways on how to avoid food wastage with these 6 ways to keep food fresh longer.

  1.      Do not overstock. Buy only what you need. Not because you love bananas or strawberries, you’ll hoard as much as you can. It is still a better idea run to the store and buy fresh fruits and vegetables when they run out. Also, keep an eye for food that spoils fast like corn, artichokes, cherries, mushrooms, green beans, strawberries, mushrooms and bananas. Be sure that you eat or cook them first. Want a handy tip? Some even suggests wrapping bananas with plastic wrap at their stems to delay ripening.

  2.      Shop with strategy in mind. Most groceries have their fresh produce at the entrance, avoid that section first and make it your last stop. This way, you’ll keep your berries and greens fresh even after you leave the counter.

  3.      Never store fruits and vegetables together. Certain fruits release ethylene gas and most vegetables are sensitive to it. Putting them together in one place can make vegetables spoil faster. These are some fruits that should be refrigerated apart from vegetables; cantaloupes, apricots, honeydews, and apples.

  4.      Do not put everything in the fridge. Vegetables like onions, potatoes, squash and garlic don’t need to be refrigerated. Just keep them in a cool, dark place like your pantry and they can last for weeks. Another quick tip: Add an apple to potatoes bagged in mesh to keep them from sprouting.

  5.      Give them some air. Fruits and vegetables need air to stay fresh. Keeping them in closed containers or plastic bags will only make them spoil faster. If you decide to store tomatoes or apples in a plastic bag, make sure to put some holes on it first.

  6.       Fresh, leafy greens such as lettuce, chard and kale must be washed, dried, and wrapped loosely in paper towels before putting them in a perforated plastic bag and placed in a fridge drawer. This will help maintain the freshness of these greens.

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