8 Foods That Are Best When Boiled

Have you finally decided to eat healthy? Eating healthy also means preparing food the healthier way. And one of the healthiest way to cook food is by boiling. If you’re looking for recipes and the best foods to cook by boiling, read on to find 8 foods that are best when boiled.

1. Potato

Boiled potatoes are mainly used for preparing mashed potatoes. Add a spoonful of freshly crushed garlic to make it more aromatic.

2. Eggs

Hard boiled eggs are best with bread. Soft boiled eggs are the perfect protein boosters for gym goers and fitness freaks. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to make your eggs more delicious and healthy.

3. Noodles/Pasta

No matter what pasta dish you are cooking, you must boil the noodles first. Toss the boiled noodles or pasta with olive oil to ensure that it doesn't stick together.

 4. Chicken

Whenever you boil chicken, make sure that you don't overcook it. Boil it with little water and use the chicken stock to make soup.

5. Green Beans

It is not a good idea to eat raw beans. Boil the beans and toss them with a sauce of your choice.

6. Rice

Boiled rice provides you with manganese and selenium. Both minerals activate enzymes you need for good health. Boiled rice also serves as a moderate source of energy, providing fuel to get you through the day.

7. Prawns

Prawns or any other seafood is most nutritious when it is boiled. Heat destroys the delicate sea minerals that are there in these foods. Add boiled prawns to curries, soups or salads to enjoy their benefits.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli and all other cruciferous vegetables need to be boiled before eating. But the vegetable requires very little boiling so you can add them while you are brewing a soup.
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