Concerned Dad Planted Hearing Device To Figure Out What Was Happening At Daughter’s School

Tomas Valero found his daughter crying after she went home from school. It was not hard to see that something was wrong. When he learned about what was happening, he was taken by complete surprise. However, he had to take sneaky measures to get to the root of the problem. What did he do to get to the bottom of it?

Starting School

It can be hard when children finally start going to school. It is a huge adjustment, so parents have to help their kids through it as much as possible. Even if the teacher is good, it is a big change for the little ones.

A Tough Adjustment

Adjusting to a new school is already hard enough, but a rude teacher will make everything a lot harder for a kid. Upon noticing that his child was having a hard time, Tomas knew he had to do something.

She Was Scared

No doubt, we all want the best for our kids. It was only natural for this father to feel concerned after he saw how much pain his little angel was in. Tomas is a caring parent, so we can see why he started to worry after noticing that his young girl was not acting quite like herself.

She Became More Emotional

He realized that his daughter began to get more emotional after she began to attend her new school. At the start, he chalked it all up to nerves. However, Tomas soon realized that there was more to this story.


The Same Routine

He started to get worried when his daughter began to cry and ask to just stay home. It became a regular thing for her. Every morning started off in the same way. Tomas did not like seeing her act like this.

The Situation Worsened

Days turned to months. It soon became apparent that his little girl no longer felt any joy or excitement about school. She was only getting more scared as the days went on. She kept protesting about school.


Tomas wanted to figure out the true problem and talked to her about it. However, his little girl did not want to tell her parents the truth. Still, something had to be done. He wanted his daughter to be happy.

Her New School

His kid recently began attending kindergarten at Pine Grove Elementary School. Before that, he did not notice anything odd about the little girl. He only knew that she was a healthy little girl who could make friends easily and had quite the creative streak. What could have happened to her?

She Began To Change

It was not long after she started going to school that he noticed just how much more emotional she was getting. Tomas could see that it must be something going on at school. Was it the teachers, the kids, or the place itself?

Did Well In School

Right before this happened, his child had been performing well in school. She earned good grades and received positive reports on the regular. A couple of months after enrolling at her current school, she started to do worse in school. What was up?

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