Great Tips to Keep Your Car Paint Scratch-Free

Just got a new car or a new paint job for your car? We know you're feeling a bit giddy and would like to keep your car paint new, shiny, and spotless as it can be. This may seem impossible, but we can give you tips on how you can preserve your car's paint or at least be able to find remedy when dings or dents unfortunately happen. Read on below to find great tips on how you can keep your car paint virtually scratch-free.

Don't Dry Wipe
Yes, hold your horses. Don't get used to the habit of directly wiping any scratch or dent your vehicle may have had with a dry rag or your hand. We know you need to check A.S.A.P how big the damage is but wiping away the dirt or other grime that is on your vehicle can actually cause more damage to the paint. Additional damage will happen because you are rubbing the contaminant into the paint rather than washing them off. Expert tip: Be sure to use a wet rag if you're trying to conduct a quick check. 

Always Find a Safe Parking for Your Car
Yes, always try to find a place where your car will less likely get scratches from unexpected events such as a runaway shopping cart that collides with your vehicle. There are just some things that you cannot control, and you can avoid this by staying far from hazards. Try to find a spot at the back of the parking lot or find a space where you are not parked next to another vehicle. You also never park your vehicle along the street. First, you may get towed. Or worse, your car might get hit and run. 

Use the Correct Car Washing Materials
If you're washing your car by yourself, be sure to wash using proper washing materials. This includes using super absorbent cleaning towels, approved auto soap, and other accessories that you are needed for a proper washing job. Never use dishwashing soap when washing your car because it contains degreasers and other particles that are designed to remove food buildup from kitchenware and absolutely not needed for your car.

Always Use Wax
Done washing your car? Don't forget to apply a layer of wax. This may seem like extra work for you, putting in a little effort will definitely be beneficial for your vehicle. Wax protects your car from dirt, dust, and other contaminants that you always encounter on the road. Ask your favorite local auto body repair technician about which type of wax is best suited for your vehicle's particular finish.
We hope you could follow our tips on how to keep your car paint scratch-free.

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