How To Really Clean A Stove Top (Even All The Baked On Gunk)!

How do you clean your stove top? Are you convinced most of the time that you have done everything to keep it spotless? Or have you come to terms that you just can't get that grime out and will just leave it as it is? A clean, spotless stovetop will keep you and your family, free from germs and bacteria brought by crawling insects and pests. Read on below and we'll show you how you can achieve and maintain an ultraclean stovetop in minutes.

Here's what you'll need:

Paper Towels
Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking Soda

First, wipe down the entire area with soap and water and scrub at the stubborn spots. There will still be a bunch of gunk that will remain. These may be grime that had been baked on around the burners that just wouldn’t come off.

But don’t worry, that stuff comes off! To make your cleaning mixture, pour about a half cup of baking soda into a small bowl, then slowly add hydrogen peroxide, mixing until it forms a slightly runny paste.

Pour some of the paste out onto the stubborn spots on the stove, grab a paper towel and start scrubbing! Paper towels have a scrubby texture. Plus they’re strong and durable. They're like cloth and they don’t disintegrate when they get wet, which makes them great for cleaning!

The gunk and stains should start to come up right away as you scrub!
If you have some super stubborn stains, pour a little more of the paste mixture onto the spot and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then, come back and try scrubbing again!

In some spots you have to leave it soaked a few times, and vigorously scrub at the stains. But eventually, the combination of soaking and scrubbing will work and your stovetop will be spick and span in no time! 

If you'd like to have as little gunk and grime sticking to your stovetop as possible, we recommend you get yourself this Ultimate Splatter Shield. Follow this link or click the image below to see how handy this tool is!

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