How To Remove That Stubborn Stain From Your Well-Loved Furniture

How to Remove that Stubborn Stain from your Well-loved Furniture

It’s inevitable to get stains on your furniture. Sometimes, just to avoid the hassle of cleaning or removing stains, most would just throw out that sofa and get a new one. But what if you can’t afford to lose that chair or sofa (Maybe it’s from your Nana or probably a gift from someone special--), and your only options are cleaning and removing that coffee stain or just dealing with it for life.

Well, not all hope is lost. Read on below to find out quick and easy ways on how to remove stains from your furniture.

Always remember that if it’s a new stain, clean it up as soon as possible. Fresh stains are always easier to remove. Also, baby wipes are a quick solution to wipe up spills and stains without saturating the material.

First off, what cleaning products should you use?

There are different cleaning products available online and in-stores. But if you don’t have time to rush to the store and get one, you can try these other products that you can find around the home that will also help get your furniture clean.

  • Mild laundry detergent and warm water: Mixed very well to create suds.
  • White vinegar: This is the best choice for removing surface stains, but you’ll want to use a soapy solution afterwards to give the area a thorough clean. You’ll also want to air the sofa as much as possible afterwards by opening windows or by using a fan to help reduce the smell of the vinegar.
  • Baby wipes are ideal for spot-cleaning upholstery. They’re very gentle, so they won’t damage the material, and they’re relatively dry, so there’s no chance of over-saturating your furniture.

Now, let’s get down to business. Here are the 4 steps on how to clean your upholstery.

  1. Before starting with any cleaning product, ensure that you have vacuumed the sofa or chair first to remove as much dirt and dust on the surface as possible. Be careful and make sure that you are using the correct attachments to avoid further damage to the material. Using a soft brush attachment is advised.
  2. Spot Clean. Use baby wipes or vinegar poured on a strong microfiber cloth and apply to any visible stains. Wipe gently as you go. Remember to test the cleaning product on a discreet area first.
  3. Overall Clean. Using soapy water and a microfibre cloth, gently wipe your sofa with the solution. Allow it to soak into the fabric and tackle the dirt beneath the surface. You only want to use a very small amount of water – don’t saturate the material.
  4. Dry. Some people use hair drying tools to quickly dry a sofa. But it is still advisable to dry it naturally, if you have the time. To hasten things up, open windows and allow air to help with the drying process.

Furniture cleaning isn’t as hard as it sounds. With these steps, you’ll have bright and clean sofas and chairs in no time.

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