The Amazing Plan These Russian Sailors Hatched To Rescue A Dog Stranded On An Ice Floe Will Melt Your Heart

Pets have a knack for getting into precarious situations. Cats seem to hunt out danger, always getting stuck in blinds. Dogs, on the other hand, don’t look for danger, it seems to find them. For one poor dog, that meant getting stranded on an ice floe and nearly freezing in Russia. The good news is it was found by a group of sailors. They just needed to figure out an unlikely plan to save the poor fella. The story you’re about to read will sound unbelievable, but we promise it’s all true.

No One Knows How It Happened

One minute you’re watching your dog, then you look away and it’s nowhere to be found. Where did it go? Usually not on an ice floe drifting into the ocean, which is what makes this story so weird. No one knows how this pooch got stranded so far out to sea, but there are theories.

The most logical theory is that the dog was standing on the ice when it broke off the shore. The poor pup stayed on the ice while it floated away, leaving its owners worried sick.

No Hope For Rescue

This dog got stuck in a situation where there was very little hope. Floating aimlessly on the ice cold ocean, we can’t imagine how scared this dog was or what thoughts were racing through its canine mind. It definitely had no idea luck was on its side.

Usually when our pets get lost, they are stuck in a tree or in a spot where they can be easily rescued. We save them and console them, hoping they never get stuck again.

Floating For What Felt Like Forever

Stuck on the piece of ice, the dog floated endlessly, slowly losing the sight of land. Would anyone come to the rescue? Was this dog’s last day in the sun? The longer it floated the less hope there was.

With the land no longer in sight, the dog looked around. It could have jumped into the freezing water but realized that was a bad idea after sticking its nose in it. Unable to take a leap of faith, the dog waited.

Help Wanted

The dog looked around, hoping to see any sign of life. Hours could have passed with the pup waiting patiently on the piece of ice; its paws slowly freezing. Frost even began to gather on its fur.

With only a few hours of light left, the situation was only getting more dangerous. The temperature would drop further in the dark, severely decreasing the dog’s chances of survival and making rescue nearly impossible. If something was going to happen it needed to happen soon!

Spotted In The Distance

It was just another day on the water for a group of Russian sailors. They had no idea what was about to happen. Faintly in the distance, one of the men heard something, but what was it?

Looking into the ocean abyss, they spotted something. From afar, they couldn’t tell what it was; only that it was alive. The noise they heard must have been from this thing floating in the distance. Next, they had to decide if they should attempt to rescue it.

Getting Closer

The sailors decided to approach the creature. If it was a wounded seal or another helpless animal then they needed to rescue it! As they got closer, they couldn’t believe what they saw.

The dog stared up at the giant boat helplessly. The dog was running out of energy and on the verge of passing out. Action would need to be taken quickly. At this point, daylight wasn’t the threat. The real trick was figuring out how to safely get the dog out of the water!

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