This Tiny Device Will Keep You Warm in America's Freezing Cold Winters...

"This little heater is the best investment you’ll EVER make this Winter!"

As the winter hits this year across America, it's time to turn up the heat!

Except turning up the heat mean paying high energy bills, which can burn a whole in your wallet. Most space heaters on the market will dramatically increase your electric bill.

What if there was a much faster and cheaper alternative? Imagine a small portable space heater that's not only very powerful, but will also save you a bundle on your energy bill.

This unique space heater has already gone viral in America. This device is changing the way people heat their homes. The technology behind this small device is breathtaking...

What is it?

It's the new Handy Heater, a breakthrough space heater that provides efficient, fast, powerful, and above all – completely safe heating. What's more, it's slick, stylish, and you can take it anywhere!

Don't let the small size of this heater fool you. It's extraordinarily powerful. It can heat up a large room in under 15 minutes. It starts producing heat within seconds. Cutting edge Ceramic Plate technology rapidly and efficiently produces heat.

How does it work?

It's super easy. Just plug the Handy Heater into the wall. Then turn it on.

Within seconds you start feeling warm air!

The controls are simple and intuitive. Just turn it on, set the mode (Hot / warm / natural wind), and adjust the preset temperature as necessary. It's THAT easy!

Let's see the Handy Heater S in action...


What's Makes Handy Heater S the Perfect Choice for Your Personal Heating Needs?

Use the Handy Heater Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere.

You can take Handy Heater where you can't take other space heaters. That includes on the road with you to public places, airports, coffee shops, etc.

Whether you need to keep your child's room warm, warming up the cold garage you've turned into a separate room, or keeping your AirBNB rental comfy, Handy Heater is perfect for the job.

Finally, you can enjoy the power and warmth of a space heater without the headache of exorbitant electricity bills.

Get the Temperature Just Right.

The Handy Heater comes equipped with a 3-mode adjustable thermostat – so you can precisely control the temperature at your home or office. From fan-only mode, which uses only natural air without heating, to warm mode, and to hot mode. There’s a setting that just right for you, for every season – winter, spring, summer, or fall!

Simple intuitive controls make it easy to get the room temperature just right!

There's more...once the room hits your desired temperature, the Handy Heater automatically turns off, saving you a bundle on your energy bill.

Can This Device Heat Up a Large Room?

Yes, and very quickly too. Handy Heater's breakthrough wide-angle oscillation technology blows warm air across the entire room, instead of just in a single direction.


Super Easy to Use and 100% Safe.

The Handy Heater was designed for maximum ease of use and comfort. It's ETL-certified, making it safe for continuous use at home, work, or anywhere. It even automatically shuts off if it overheats.

Good luck finding a conventional space heater that can do that! The Handy Heater quickly, efficiently, and safely heats your home. Nothing else compares.

Stunning Benefits of Handy Heater...

  • Energy Efficient - Won't burn a whole in Your Wallet
  • Completely Safe to Use - Equipped with Auto Turn Off Feature
  • Light and Portable - Take it around your home, to your office, even on trips!
  • Super Fast Heating - Ceramic Plate Technology starts generating heat in just seconds
  • It's Quiet - with Silent Technology you can even use Handy Heater in a library!

You can take the Handy Heater just about anywhere. It's small, light, portable, and very quiet.

At Just $44, Handy Heater is a steal.

Winter is here, and it's freezing cold – and while the temperature is dropping, heating bills are shooting up! Once you get your very own Handy Heater – you can start staying warm and saving money.

Enjoy a better quality of life without exorbitant utility bills.

The best part? The Handy Heater is available at 50% off with free worldwide shipping. This special offer is only available for a limited hurry!

Why not get one for every bedroom in your house? Your home office? Act now and be prepared for these cold winter months!

How To Get a Handy Heater?

If it’s still in stock, here is how to get one...

1) Order the Handy Here from our site by clicking here.

2) Enjoy a warm winter anywhere you go.

It’s that simple!

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product works great

will definitely repurchase again. quick and fast results

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I bought the spray bottle, so I could refill, very nice, and fantastic cleaner

best whitening pen ive bought

This is one of the best whitening products I've ever used. You can see results after one use. Seriously. My teeth were yellow. I drink wayyy too much coffee and it shows on my teeth. It's not cute and I have tried all kinds of whitening products to combat the yellow. This product is so fast acting and I love it. Also my teeth are very sensitive and this doesn't cause any sensitivity.

great cleaner

After I watched a little video on the effective cleaning ability of this product I thought I would give it a try. We have an older house, with ashower stall, large soaking whirlpool tub, and a regular shower tub of fiberglass. We have lived here for 23 years, and the house was built five years before that, so the fiberglass finish, is a bit dull and hasn't looked all that good for some time now. WELL, I used this Mighty Boss cleaner, sprayed directly, and used a white sponge to wipe it down, absolutely sparkling, and totally removed all dull buildup. IT CAN GET VERY SLIPPERY, so beware, and rinse thoroughly, rinse again, and again. Other than taking those steps, this product has little smell, it is not necessary to reapply again and again, while doing the first cleaning. I would recommend buying the gallon size, at the get go, as the spray size will be used up immediately, you'll be wanting to do all your cleaning with this. It really does bring up a super clean shine on faucets, and sinks, and chrome, just a great product.

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I've been using the pen for four days now and man!!! What a difference! Being a smoker and coffee drinker has done it's damage over the years but this pen is restoring not only my smile but my confidence ❤❤❤

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there's seriously no cleaner that does a better job. I have cleaned the black junk from my down spouts that comes from roofing and decayed leaves with just a couple swipes. I have cleaned both interior and exterior walls so well that I for go the painting. This cleans grime off of anything - my hand weights, iPad cover, walls, things in my garage - you name it!

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I am simply amazed at this simple to use product. A tip for anyone that may experience cold intolerance, use the pen less often and tough it out. Mine went away in a few days. However, the difference it made in the whiteness of my teeth is simply amazing. 

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I've been using this for a while and am pleased with it. I got this to specifically to clean my soap scum buildup in my shower. It does the job in cleaning it but I wished it cleaned lime water stains as well. You really have to put some elbow grease into it for lime buildup. It's easier on the nose and sinuses too than using my vinegar cleaner in my shower. This is the next best thing. This cleans floors really well too.

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This product works! You will see a difference after first use. I wish there was more gel in the pen but its worth it for sure. The picture is after just 1 use. Its a couple shades whiter.

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This stuff is amazing. It cleans soap scum better than anything I have ever tried. And does a fantastic job on my stainless sinks and on my stove. I took it to work and with minimal elbow grease we were able to easily clean the pop corn popper, and a buildup of soap scum in the sinks. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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It's great! . Really works! Noticed a difference THE FIRST TIME of use!

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The best cleaner I have ever used. My plumber used some when working on my sink. He said it was the only cleaner that he has seen that removed the black greasy stuff off the sink ehen he was done.

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I have tried almost every whitening product out there. Crest strips made my teeth too sensitive. The charcoal didn’t get to my deep coffee and former smoker stains and was a mess, to boot. This stuff works better than the strips or charcoal and I saw immediate improvement after the first use. There has been a little tooth sensitivity but it’s nothing like with the crest strips and mine have always been super sensitive, anyway. ‍♀️ Will continue to recommend and purchase without a doubt.

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Read a youtube review of this product for cleaning fiberglass shower stall grime and decided to try it. I am amazed! Sprayed it on, waited 10 minutes and wiped it with a sponge, no scrubbing. The shower shines! I am telling you, we are amazed! We have tried every concoction available and was about to tear the stall out and start over. The shower now shines, rinsed easily with no slick surface.

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Pleased with the results of this product. Even after the first use, I can see a difference. I have noticed sensitivity when I use strips and did not notice when using this pen. I use it about once a day for three or four days leading up to events where I will be photographed or speaking in public and the results are fantastic. Otherwise I use it about once a week as maintenance.

works great

Spray it on, let it sit for a few and wipe clean. Used it on showers, refrigerator, stove, and other things. This stuff cleans great. My only draw back is that, it has a chemical smell. The room has to be ventilated. Shipping was on time.

will repurchase

I've purchased 2 pens and love them. The solution truly works. My husband noticed a difference after my first use, without knowing I had used it at all. It may not seem like it, but it's much easier to use than trays or strips. I make an effort to let my teeth dry with the solution on and dab saliva for longer than a minute. But after that I just don't eat or drink for an hour and go about my day.

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I really do like this cleaner, the best I have found yet

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It has only been two uses and my teeth are already a few shades lighter.

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Works great to clean to outside of our home siding and vehicles.

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Love this whitening pen! It's easy to apply and the gel does not irritate my teeth and gums. I bought this so I could carry a whitener with me for daily use and travel. 

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perfect bb cream for every skin type

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I am extremely pleased with the product. It removed old stains as well as new ones in my work jeans. Great product

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I just purchased my second pen because I'm coming to the bottom of my first one and love love love how easy to use and effective it is. I've always used trays to whiten my teeth but finding an hour in my day/week to do that is tough. I use this pen in the mornings after brushing my teeth — I carry it on me too, in case I forget, I can pop into a restroom, brush my teeth and use it then instead. No excuses not to whiten on the regular!